Land Rover Apple CarPlay Overview

Land Rover Apple CarPlay - Overview & Guide by Land Rover Easton

When it comes to the way that drivers interact with their vehicles, no other feature has transformed in-car infotainment quite like smartphone integration. Especially if you’re an Apple user, Apple CarPlay delivers an intuitive and responsive experience that helps keep you informed and engaged no matter how long your journey takes. Land Rover has remained an industry leader when it comes to adopting Apple CarPlay integration and this outstanding feature can now be found across the entire range of Land Rover models. Our team at Land Rover Easton has assembled this handy reference guide that explains how Apple CarPlay works along with its availability by model.

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Which Land Rover Models Offer Apple CarPlay?

Have you had your eye on a luxury SUV that’s equipped with Apple CarPlay smartphone integration? You’ll find a tremendous amount of options across the growing Land Rover family of luxury SUVs. As a matter of fact, all new Land Rover models come standard with Apple CarPlay as a standard feature!

How to Use Apple CarPlay Inside Your Land Rover

Land Rover Apple CarPlay

  1. Verify that CarPlay and Siri are activated on your iPhone.
  2. Use an Apple-approved Lightning-to-USB cable to connect your iPhone to the USB port inside your Land Rover vehicle. This port is typically located in the center console.
  3. After the prompt appears on the Pivi Pro touchscreen, select the option to launch your device with Apple CarPlay.
  4. Unlock your iPhone and choose “Allow” when prompted on your screen.
  5. Your iPhone is now connected! Simply press the CarPlay button on your InControl touchscreen to activate the feature whenever your phone is connected via USB.

Still curious about some of the features related to Apple CarPlay inside of your Land Rover? Our team of technology professionals at Land Rover Easton is here to answer your questions and give you all the information you need to know about this innovative feature.