Land Rover vs. Mercedes-Benz Comparison

Land Rover vs. Merceds-Benz Comparison - Land Rover Easton

If you're searching for a luxury vehicle, it's only natural that Land Rover and Mercedes-Benz have caught your attention. Each brand has a lengthy history and a proven reputation for building some of the industry's most desirable models, making it tough to choose between them. Fortunately, our team at Land Rover Easton is here to help solve your dilemma. We've assembled this side-by-side comparison that helps highlight the advantages and perks that you can enjoy when you choose Land Rover instead of Mercedes-Benz.

Land Rover vs Mercedes-Benz – Model Lineups Compared

Range Rover

One glimpse at the model lineups for each brand and you'll immediately notice a number of key distinctions between them. Perhaps most notable is the glaring lack of off-road capable SUVs in the Mercedes-Benz model range. With the G-Class being the sole exception, you won't find any Mercedes-Benz SUV capable of keeping up with any Land Rover model when the pavement turns to dirt. In addition, Land Rover is able to both match and outperform most Mercedes-Benz models in terms of performance, efficiency, and premium standard features. From purpose-built off-road models like the Defender to opulent high-end luxury variants like the Range Rover – Land Rover is the clear favorite in terms of having the most diverse model lineup compared to Mercedes-Benz.

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Ownership Experience

Land Rover Ownership Experience

Another unique aspect of driving a Land Rover is the unmatched ownership experience that you'll enjoy as a member of the Land Rover family. From the instant you take a seat behind the wheel, you'll be part of a community of individuals that share your passion for off-road adventure. Along with the camaraderie and culture, driving a Land Rover allows you to experience some exclusive benefits you simply won't find at other brands. When you purchase a new Land Rover vehicle, you can enjoy a complimentary two-hour off-road driving lesson with a Land Rover Experience Driving School Instructor. Additional advantages of driving a Land Rover vehicle include:

  • 24-Hour Roadside Assitance Coverage (New & Certified Pre-Owned Models)
  • SiriusXM Satellite Radio (New & Certified Pre-Owned Models)
  • Land Rover iGuide app (Virtual Guide and Digital Owner's Manuals)
  • Land Rover InControl® Remote Services
  • New Vehicle Limited Warranty (4 Years / 50,000 Miles)
  • Corrosion Perforation Warranty (6 Years / Unlimited Mileage)

Rich Heritage

Land Rover Brand History

The entire globe first got a look at the original Land Rover back in 1947. It was the first time the world had seen a vehicle with the ability to tackle the most difficult terrains and environments. In the process, Land Rover immediately caught the attention of passionate fans with its bold styling, unparalleled performance abilities, and world-class craftsmanship. Since then, the brand has accomplished a number of feats and achievements including what's referred to by many as "The Impossible Journey". In 1955, a team of six undergraduates left London in two Land Rovers on an unforgettable adventure with Singapore as the end destination. Land Rover became the first company to achieve this feat, helping to light the competitive spirit that fuels the brand to this very day.

Bespoke / Limited-Edition Vehicles

Land Rover SVO

Catering to the passion and individuality of their owners, the Land Rover brand has dedicated a team that works relentlessly to engineer halo models, limited production variants, and custom-tailored personalization options. Known as SVO (Special Vehicle Operations), this group of experts turns standard Land Rover models into limited-run or even one-of-a-kind vehicles built to the exact specifications of customers. Whether you're interested in race-proven performance capabilities or an unmistakable look to make a memorable first impression, the design experts at Land Rover SVO are up to the challenge to create the vehicle of your dreams.

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Now that you're familiar with the extensive list of advantages that Land Rover has in comparison to Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover Easton has a massive selection of the most current Land Rover models in addition to quality pre-owned vehicles as well. Visit us today and choose the one that's right for you and your driving preferences!