Land Rover Sponsoring Tusk, Wildlife Conservation in Africa

Land Rover Tusk Conservation at Land Rover Easton

Known to excel in the most rugged, inhospitable terrains across the globe, Land Rover vehicles are known worldwide for their ability to not only get their drivers to some of the most breathtaking destinations – but also for getting them back home. Highlighting our appreciation for the environment and all who inhabit it, Land Rover is proud to partner with Tusk – supporting conservation work for a better future.

About Tusk

Tusk is a dynamic charity funding wildlife conservation, community development, and education across the continent of Africa. Its projects protect endangered species and empowers local communities. Tusk strives to identify, support, and nurture projects to accelerate their growth from an innovative idea to a scalable solution.

“Land Rover is synonymous with the tough, rugged terrain in Africa where so much of our work takes place. We are extremely grateful for all their support to date, and very excited to have entered into a new partnership and what it will help us achieve.”Charlie Mayhew MBR, Tusk Chief Executive

Both Land Rover and Tusk share a fierce commitment to going above and beyond. Land Rover is proud to support the Tusk Conservation Awards along with their fieldwork and ongoing events. Through sharing of technology and supplying vehicles, Land Rover hopes to help foster the impressive scope of Tusk’s work across Africa.