Land Rover Driver Assistance Features

Land Rover Driver Assistance Overview at Land Rover Easton

Whether you typically drive alone or with a vehicle full of your closest friends and family, staying protected from danger is universally important. In order to stay prepared for the unknown, Land Rover has pioneered a collection of advanced safety features available across the entire model range. Known as Land Rover InControl Driver Assistance, these groundbreaking innovations are designed to keep the driver aware, alert, and protected from the unexpected. In order to provide you with a better idea of how these impressive features work, Land Rover Easton has created this helpful guide that explains the benefits of Land Rover InControl Driver Assistance. We're here to help you find the right Land Rover model to keep both you and your loved ones safe behind the wheel.

Parking Assistance Features

Front and Rear Parking Aid

Park Assist

Take the guesswork out of parallel or perpendicular parking with Front and Rear Parking Aid. When activated, this feature is able to automatically alert you if your vehicle comes too close to an obstacle. This means you can go as slowly as you like and stop when you need to, making parking virtually effortless.

3D Surround Camera

Land Rover 3D Surround Camera

No matter how close you are to obstacles, the 3D Surround Camera feature uses sensors positioned at the front, rear, and sides of your Land Rover to provide a bird's eye perspective. As you get closer to an obstacle, you'll receive both audible and visual alerts to make you aware of your surroundings.

Rear Monitor

Land Rover Rear Traffic Monitor

Stay alert and prepared with the innovative Rear Traffic Monitor feature. It's able to detect pedestrians, hazards, and other vehicles approaching from either side at the rear of your vehicle. This is especially useful when backing in or out of a tight parking space.

Driving Features

Emergency Braking

Autonomous Emergency Braking

Even the best drivers can use a helping hand from time to time. Emergency Braking works by detecting the likelihood of a potential frontal collision with another vehicle or object. If you fail to react accordingly once a potential collision is detected, this system can apply the brakes on your behalf to reduce the severity of the impact.

Lane Keep Assist

Lane Keep Assist

This groundbreaking feature provides helpful assistance should your Land Rover begin to drift out of its intended lane. If you begin to stray outside your lane, Lane Keep Assist is able to provide subtle corrective steering inputs to keep you on course.

Traffic Sign Recognition with Adaptive Speed Limiter

Traffic Sign Recognition

Helping you stay informed of crucial driving information, Traffic Sign Recognition projects changes in the speed limits and other road signs directly on the instrument panel. Staying informed behind the wheel has never been easier. The Adaptive Speed Limiter can even adjust your speed according to posted speed limits.

Blind Spot Assist

Blind Spot Assist

When your Land Rover is equipped with Blind Spot Assist, the vehicle has the ability to provide corrective steering if you attempt to switch lanes when another vehicle is in your blind spot. Helping to keep you safe from the unexpected, this feature acts as another pair of eyes looking behind you.

Driver Condition Monitor

Land Rover Driver Condition Monitor

Fatigue is an enemy of safe driving and can put you at a much higher risk for accidents. Driver Condition Monitor can sense that you're starting to feel drowsy, provide an alert message, and suggest taking a break.

Rear Collision Monitor

Land Rover Rear Collision Monitor

The Rear Collision Monitor is able to determine if a vehicle approaching from behind is not slowing down and poses a potential collision risk. The system will then attempt to alert the driver of the other vehicle to brake by automatically flashing the hazard lights.