Land Rover InControl Apps Overview

Land Rover InControl®️ Apps Overview - Land Rover Easton

Experience connectivity in an exciting new way both inside and outside of your vehicle with Land Rover InControl. Offered with Touch Pro™, Connect Pro includes InControl Apps, a Wi-Fi Hotspot, InControl Remote, and Pro Services. To give you a better idea of the exceptional connectivity features available across the Land Rover Lineup, Land Rover Easton has created the informative guide.

Land Rover InControl®️ Connectivity Features

Land Rover InControl Connected Navigation

Connected Navigation

When paired with Land Rover InControl® Touch Pro™, Connected Navigation includes a variety of useful services. Services that further enhance infotainment capabilities to deliver an even richer and more connected experience include Real-Time Traffic Flow, Door-to-Door Routing, Satellite and Street Level Imagery, and Cloud Sync.

Land Rover InControl Wi-Fi

InControl Wi-Fi™

InControl Wi-Fi™ gives you seamless access to internet connectivity, allowing up to 8 wireless devices to be used at the same time inside your Land Rover. Passengers have the ability to join the wireless network inside the vehicle to browse the internet, check work emails, update social media, and stay connected for the entire duration of the journey.

Land Rover InControl Remote

InControl Remote

Land Rover InControl Remote lets you access useful functions of your vehicle directly through a hand smartphone app. Some examples of these features include locating your vehicle in a crowded parking lot, checking to see if your windows have been left open, tracking your journeys, and even monitoring your fuel levels remotely. The app is compatible with most Android™ and Apple iOS® smartphones.

Land Rover InControl Protect

InControl Protect

Giving you greater reassurance, InControl Protect includes Remote features, Roadside Assistance, and SOS Emergency call. You can even get help from Roadside Assistance or from SOS Emergency call in the event of a serious accident. Stolen Vehicle Locator can help law enforcement track, locate, and recover your Land Rover if it is stolen.

Land Rover InControl Apps

Land Rover InControl Apps

InControl Apps provide you with a vehicle-enhanced, interactive collection of apps that allows media streaming, cloud- and location-based services, and more — all from the USB port.


  • Spotify
  • myTuner Radio Pro
  • Sticher
  • Audiobooks


  • Rivet Radio

Travel & Convenience

  • AccuWeather
  • Voice Memo
  • Familonet
  • Tile
  • Genius Maps
  • Sygic
  • CitySeeker
  • EventSeeker
  • Parkopedia
  • Mileage Tracker Pro
  • Glympse

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